Loan Settlement Calculator

Loan Settlement Calculator

when to use this settlement calculator?

When you are unable to pay loan EMI as a result, Bank keep calling and forcing to pay the remaining loan amount loan. In case if you don’t have money to repay the loan amount, then you can go with the option of settlement. Because when Bank realizes that they are unable to get remaining loan amount from the loan borrower, then the bank offer various settlement offers. So it often leaves peoples feeling confused while choosing a settlement offer. To address this, we made the home loan settlement calculator, personal loan settlement calculator and car loan settlement calculator in a single calculator.
By using this calculator, it provides you with the sum that will be advantageous to you through settlement.

loan settlement calculator

What is the Loan Settlement Calculator?

We provided this settlement calculator for Indian rupees and US dollar, you can easily Switch between this two currency. Furthermore, you can use this Loan Settlement Calculator to calculate your Personal loan, car loan, Home loan.

How to use this Settlement Calculator?

  • First, select the loan type that you want to result.
  • Then fill the Loan Amount, Annual Interest Rate, and Loan Term in years.
  • Also, fill the installments paid so far, the total amount paid to date, and the remaining settlement amount.
  • Finally, select the currency you want the result for.
  • By doing this, you will receive the following results: Remaining balance on the loan, remaining interest, settlement amount, overall rebate remaining, monthly installment amount, total payment to the bank, equivalent mortgage FD interest rate saved.


Q1: Can I use a settlement calculator for different types of loans?

Yes, you can use this calculator to calculate the personal loan settlement,  home loan and car loan settlement.